Flash adapters for the Polaroid SX-70

The adapter plugs into the flashbar slot and provides a x-sync standard pc socket where you can connect any electronic flash or radio remote.
The sync voltage can be 3 - 300 V so new and old flashes work.
The flash side is completely isolated from the camera side.


The resistors mimic the presence of a good flashbulb at position 1.
The ignition pulse fires the optocoupler.

Build one yourself

I recommend that you use a spent flashbar and use its contact strip and enclosure.
You find pc sockets in old, broken cameras.
All other components are standard parts, available at electronics suppliers.

Buy one of mine

I build my flash adapters on aerospace grade gold-plated substrate.
The components are hand soldered and the circuit is sealed with epoxy resin.
The adapter is ROHS compliant (lead free).

Price for one adapter is 50 US$ or 45 Euros shipped worldwide.

I know this is a lot of money for such a small device.
I could probably have them produced in China for one dollar and sell them for five if I ordered 20'000 pieces.
However the market is not that big so I assemble each one by hand, even machine my own pc sockets.
I spend about 1 hour on one adapter, not counting development and user support.

You can try the adapter and return it if you have any reason to do so.

If you would like to buy a flash-adapter send me an e-mail.


Here are some exemples of photos shot with the adapter.