Beginner's guide / frequently made mistakes


Do not litter the cardboard boxes as they are coated with polyethylene and aluminium and will not rot.
You can either return empty films to a place where they collect used batteries as a whole, or pry the flap in the front open and remove the spring and the battery.
Do not cut your fingers at the sharp edges of the sheet metal spring.
The plastic housing is a convenient container for storing, or to protect freshly exposed pictures from pressure.
Polaroid integral films contain a Lithium-battery, that usually has a lot of power left when the film is finished. You can convert two clothes-pins to contact-clips and power a radio or toys for hours, until the battery is empty.
If you look at the plain cardboard side, the two holes are up and the contact tabs downward, the tab on the left is the positive one.

Most common mistakes include:

Good luck with your SX-70!