Accessories for the SX-70

111 Tripod Mount

Photo: Kim Ming

113 Accessory Holder

Photo: Kim Ming

114 Carrying Case; pouch style

Photo: Kim Ming

116 Compartment Case

Photo: Kim Ming

117 Photo Album

Photo: G.H.

119A Telephoto Lens

Photo: Gavin Lauchenauer

120 Lens Shade (requires #113)

Photo: Kim Ming

121 Close-Up Kit (requires #113)

Photo: Kim Ming

122 Carrying Case

129 Photo Album

132 Mechanical Self timer

Clips to the shutter housing.

Photo: Shinsaku Hiura

184 Accessory Kit

(contains #111,112,113,120,121)

0137 Microscope adapter

powered by the SX-70's filmpack through the camera's remote- and flash-contacts. Exposure time is set by a LED that illuminates the electric eye of the camera.
Martin Krieger writes:
One connector goes to the ground of the flashbar socket. The other goes to the shutter release socket on the side.
When you press the red button, a photocell comes out in front of the lens, measures the light, and if adequate the mirror goes up, the photocell is used to time the exposure, and then the picture is ejected. If too much light the yellow light goes on, if too little the red.
You set the number to about 3.5 and adjust from there, depending on the particular microscope. Too much light means you go to a lower number. The distance should be set at 10.4", the Lighten/Darken at neither. Use with SX-70 camera. I have not figured out how to use on a 690 or 680. You may need to refocus a bit. Also, if you want to do time exposures, there is a cable release--but an ordinary one will work. Problem here is to slowly release the cable release. (The socket is on the "hook" that holds down the camera on the side.)

I have used the cable release and a flash from a cheap point and shoot camera to quite adequately expose images, at least with ASA 640 film in the SX-70. One pushes down completely on the cable release, then flashes the point and shoot through the microscope mirror or reflected off the speciment, and then lets go of the cable release. Exposure depends completely on the flash, so some experimentation may be called for.

Photo:© Leonard Rapoport,
International Press Association

2350 Polatronic Flash; electronic flash

Lenmar electronic flash for SX-70

ITT Magicflash; electronic flash

Nissin electronic flash

Photo: Bob D'Asto

Polaroid CU-70 Macro Kit

This is a rare CU-70 Polaroid SX-70 macro outfit in the proper Polaroid aluminum suitcase and its original shipping box, with instructions. It includes three different strength macro lens attachments: 1X, 2X and 3X, all with built in flash directors and meter windows. This system will allow you to focus continously from 1 foot to 1.5 inches! Also included are the three dedicated brackets and the camera mounting platform, as well as the flash adapter plug for Alpha cameras.

Photo: John M.

Diver's housing

The diver's housing was made by Ikelite who produce diving outfits for lots of cameras.

Photo: John M.

Folding Camera case

It is imprinted with the Polaroid name and so must have been authorized by them at least. It's made of hard leather, and allows the camera to be opened and used while still in the case.

Photo: John M.

2352 pod

It is for SX-70 cameras which already have a tripod mounting socket (such as the Sonar). It screws into the camera's socket and its wire frame can be swung out to support the camera in level position on a table top. It also has a tripod socket of it's own and the wire frame can be swung out of the way when not in use. It's great if you just want to set the camera down on a flat surface for a shot without messing with a tripod.

Photo: Bob D'Asto

Polapulse Flashlight

This Flashlight contains the Polapulse Battery like it is used in the SX-70 and 600 film. Although it says the battery cannot be replaced, it is easy to do it: open two screws at the backside and replace it. The perfect accessory to reuse the polapolse batteries which still have a lot of power when the film is finished. (Made in China)
Photo: GH

Lumix brand made in Japan wide-tele lenses

Included adapter attaches to Polaroid #113 Accessory Holder
1.4 Tele converts 116mm lens to 152mm tele.
0.7 wide converts 116mm lens to 90mm lens.
Photo: Frank Slade

Polatronic Flash # 2351

This electronic flash was sold as an accessory for Pronto- (Plasticbox- SX-70) cameras.
However it also fits all Sonar AF SX-70 cameras.
These flash units are easier to find and usually cheaper than dedicated SX-70 flash units.

Photo: gH

Focal Flash, Model S-70

The flash fits SX-70 Sonar models and Prontos with tripod sockets (the flash mount screws into the socket). The flash head has a 2 rotating sets of contacts. One is the usual single type and the other is double connector. The flash prevents the camera from taking a shot until it is fully charged.
Original Price at K-Mart was $28.88

Photo: Clive Woodhouse

Polaroid Photo Cassette for SX-70 and 600 Photos

This is a smoked plastic storage case for SX-70 type photos.
Each holds at least 15 photos and serves as a display stand for them.
They're about the same size as the case that the film itself comes in.

Photo: Timemaster

SX-70 Flash adapter

Do you want to connect an ordinary electronic flash to your SX-70 ?
This adapter plugs into the flashbar-slot and has a pc-socket (like most cameras) where you can plug in an electronic flash.

Click here for details.
If you want to build such an adapter yourself the circuit diagram is on my Flash adapter website .

Photo: gH